We as Color Way LTD is one of the biggest chemicals manufacturer and leading company located at USA and manufacturing plants at Turkey and Mexico .Colorway have a big range manufacturing of textile chemicals such as bleaching, finishing, dyeing chemicals, denim washing chemicals, printing inks , especially printing products used for rotary machines and screen printing.and industrial chemical raw materials. COLORWAY provide you high quality goods certificated GOTS, ZDHC, Intertek third party reports and confirmation letters with very effective prices.

Underpinned by the high quality standards of our products, Color Way Chem. has enjoyed steady growth, culminating in the establishment of its modern facilities house separate production plants for each main product group, and 4 laboratories, one engaged in quality control, another engaged in raw material acceptance control and the other two devoted to research and development.

The most important part of the infrastructure in these modern facilities with the filtering system for production waste, illustrating our company’s commitment to meeting environmental standards.

Color Way Chem. with the understanding of total quality management and continuous learning, has built its strategy on provid- ing its customers with the highest quality and innovative products and services.

We are also aware of the importance of technical support in maintaining a strong and healthy relation with the clients.

Therefore, our laboratories also carry out customer-based studies upon request.

With a strong, dedicated, and Professional team, we are totally committed to supplying value to our customers and thus improving its sales network internationally.

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